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Earthworms: Eisenia Fetida

We will provide you with best quality of Eisenia Fetida earthworms mostly used for vermicomposting. Eiseina Fetida cast expands the dirt sustenance and microbial populace that legitimately advances the plant development and increment the yield. Eiseina Fetida cast is a natural manure made by worms after eating natural organic waste.

Organic Vermicompost

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of quality Vermicompost for reclamation of soil and to enrich soil nutrient.

Vermicompost is a sort of treating the organic waste in which certain types of earthworms are utilized to improve the procedure of natural waste change and produce a superior finished result.

Vermicompost supports the establishment of beneficial microbes which helps in nutrient mobilization. Vermicompost can be used as manure for crops, vegetables, flowers, gardens, etc. Vermicompost enhances the soil fertility through microbial activity. 

Nutrients in Vermicompost are in readily available form, which is rapidly mineralized and taken up by plants during period of high Nutrient demand. Vermicompost increase the growth rate of plants and increases the vegetable and fruit yield. Vermicompost minimizes the need of chemical fertilizer.


Training & Consultation

The aims of our organization are to popularize organic farming in India, generate awareness amongst city folk and help develop a market for organic foods within the country.

Nurtus Agro Products provide complete training of Vermicompost plant setup and its production which will help you to produce vermicompost by your own.

We provide you proper training to start a unit at your own place. We will help you to provide good quality of earthworms and will help to setup an infrastructure. We also provide proper training to setup vermibeds, pits from initial stage to till production in approx 100 days.


Vermibeds are used for making vermicompost. HDPE woven vermibeds are durable and long lasting (approx. 10 yrs). Vermibed can set up in any place with a simple preparation method. Its lightweight reinforced HDPE flexible fabrics make them portable and can transport economically and smoothly anywhere. We have various sizes used in commercial set ups and customized size can also be manufactured.


Bone meal is an organic manure rich in phosphorus, calcium and nitrogen.

Bone meal is especially good for better root development and increased yield.

Boosts growth of plants naturally.

Used for Shiny leaves, bigger flowers, plants growth, root development, etc.

Can be used to remove the acidity of the soil.

Apply 25 gms of bone meal at a frequency of 3 weeks for potted plants

NPK Value 3-15-0.

Neem Khali

Neem khali is more cost efficient because the fertilizer in them lasts longer. The Neem khali remains effective until the next crop is planted because of its long sustaining organic fertilizer compounds too. This, in turn, cuts the cost of having to add extra nutrients; always a bonus.

This soil amendment is twofold. It will provide a better crop yield because it will provide the nutrients that crops need. And secondly, it helps to cure diseases and will control the growth of nematodes and harmful plant pathogens. Plus, the crop yield is15-25% higher when using Neem khali than with any other fertilizer.

Neem khali can also improve the organic content of the soil by providing lots of micro and macro nutrients. This also improves the fertility of the soil in which your plants or crops are planted.